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Renato “Sonny” Levi

 A genius and the father of powerboat design

The story of Levi Boats

Renato ‘Sonny’ Levi is acknowledged as the primary innovator and influence of modern powerboat development. His designs were far ahead of their time. The understated elegance and proven race performance gave Levi Boats a pedigree that has never been equalled.


Born in Karachi before the partition of India, Sonny moved with his family to Bombay and after travelling the world he eventually settled in Italy in 1961 and the Canav Navaltechnica boatyard in Anzio was established. It was from this base, in August 1961, that the name of Renato Levi was launched onto an unsuspecting world with a powerboat by the name of A Speranziella.


Sonny created powerboats for the Aga Khan, the Shah of Iran, Richard Branson and many, many other fast-boat enthusiasts. It’s a struggle to list all the craft that took shape and went to sea having begun life on Sonny Levi’s drawing board, but you only have to scan the world’s harbours where they will stand out from the crowd, unfussy, gentle curves and like all good designs, totally distinctive, all bearing the Levi touch, the mark of a genius.

Experience the unmistakable feeling of travelling in a Levi powerboat – you will never forget it.

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